Authentic Exposure to Engaged Audiences

Partner with high quality publishers from our network to produce authentic content for their engaged audiences.

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Influencer Campaigns

Fetch’s AI technology provides deep insights into the influencers your brand should be working with.  We’ll match you to influencers who organically fit your brand pillars and create content around your brand and similar brands. 

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Affiliate Network

Become part of the Fetch affiliate network and let our network of 700+ high-quality influencers promote products directly from your catalog. 

Scaled User Generated Content

Consumers frequently utilize UGC to inform their purchasing decisions. Guide your customer’s journey by automatically collecting and displaying SKU-specific UGC on your website.  Leverage Fetch’s real-time database of high-quality influencer content to drive conversions on your website. 

AI Powered

Whether we are matching you with influencers or tagging your products in UGC, Fetch’s AI technology is deeply integrated into all of our solutions. Harness our AI to grow your brand. 

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